2024 Dive Programme

The club publishes an annual dive program which runs from March to October and provides for diving on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. In addition, Thursday evening and daytime mid-week diving is arranged when conditions allow.

The members support a broad range of diving interests from photography to Sea Search (flora and fauna monitoring) to wreck diving and diving instruction.

Times on the program are subject to change and managed through our Ezumme group

DayDateDeparture TimeDive Site / Depth GuideDive Band (Cost)Marshal/Cox
Friday29-Mar-24Ropes off 10:20Shallow shake-downADave Telling
Saturday30-Mar-24Ropes off 10:50Fleur/tanks 13m /14mATina Scott
Sunday31-Mar-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftBmth Rocks / Drift 14mAKen Burden
Monday01-Apr-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftPatches 14m / DriftARay Scott
Saturday06-Apr-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftFleur/drift 13mAMike Dominey
Sunday07-Apr-24Ropes off 08:30Betsy Anna  24mAKen Burden
Saturday13-Apr-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftMile markers 18mADave Telling
Sunday14-Apr-24Ropes off 13:15Clan McVey  18mAMike Doswell
Saturday20-Apr-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftPatches 14m / DriftADave Telling
Sunday21-Apr-24Ropes off 07:45Borgny  30mBIan Pyle
Saturday27-Apr-24Ropes off 11:00Durley rocks 14mATina Scott
Sunday28-Apr-24Ropes Off 11:00Venezuela 27mBAdrian King
Saturday04-May-24Ropes off 12:20Tanks 14mARay Scott
Sunday05-May-24Ropes off 13:15Halifax A/C 25mAPaul Bluett
Monday06-May-24Ropes off 08:00Carantan  30mATristan Oliver
Thursday09-May-24Ropes off 18:00Evans Rock 19mAMike Dominey
Saturday11-May-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftPeveril Ledges 20mAMike Doswell
Sunday12-May-24Ropes off 11:19Aeolian Sky  30mCRay Scott
Thursday16-May-24Ropes off 18:00Peveril Ledges 20mAMike Dominey
Saturday18-May-24Ropes off 12:00Clan McVey  18mAKen Burden
Sunday19-May-24Ropes off 12:30Borgny  30mBTristan Oliver
Thursday23-May-24Ropes off 18:00Durley rocks 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday25-May-24Ropes off 10:15Carantan  30mARay Scott
Sunday26-May-24Ropes off 10:00Pin wreck 27mCDave Telling
Monday27-May-24Ropes off 11:30Excelsior-Pipe Wk 19mAMike Doswell
Thursday30-May-24Ropes off 18:00Evans Rock 19mAMike Dominey
Saturday01-Jun-24Ropes off 10:40Betsy Anna  24mATina Scott
Sunday02-Jun-24Ropes off 10:55Arfon 35mBAdrian King
Thursday06-Jun-24Ropes off 18:00Patches 14m / DriftAMike Dominey
Saturday08-Jun-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftBallard Drift 12mAMike Dominey
Sunday09-Jun-24Ropes off 11:15Kyarra  30mAJason Fuller
Thursday13-Jun-24Ropes off 18:00Peveril Ledges 20mAMike Dominey
Saturday15-Jun-24Ropes off 09:45Carantan  30mAIan Pyle
Sunday16-Jun-24Ropes off 10:50Betsy Anna  24mAMike Doswell
Thursday20-Jun-24Ropes off 18:00Ballard Drift 12mAMike Dominey
Saturday22-Jun-24Ropes off 09:25Kyarra  30mAIan Pyle
Sunday23-Jun-24Ropes off 09:30Fenna  18mBJason Fuller
Thursday27-Jun-24Ropes off 18:00Evans Rock 19mAMike Dominey
Saturday29-Jun-24TBDKimmeridgeCMike Dominey
Sunday30-Jun-24Ropes off 09:15Everleigh 40mBAdrian King
Wednesday03-Jul-24Ropes off 13:10Brick Wreck 15mALin Baldock
Thursday04-Jul-24Ropes off 18:00Fleur de Lys 13mAMike Dominey
Saturday06-Jul-24Ropes off 09:05Baron Garioch 36mBRay Scott
Sunday07-Jul-24Ropes off 09:45Venezuela 27mBJason Fuller
Thursday11-Jul-24Ropes off 18:00Durley rocks 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday13-Jul-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftMile markers 18mAMike Dominey
Sunday14-Jul-24Ropes off 10:00SS Spyros 30mBIan Pyle
Thursday18-Jul-24Ropes off 18:00Bmth Rocks / Drift 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday20-Jul-24Ropes off 08:25Excelsior-Pipe Wk 19mARay Scott
Sunday21-Jul-24Ropes off 09:10Betsy Anna  24mAKen Burden
Thursday25-Jul-24Ropes off 18:00Tanks/Patches 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday27-Jul-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftEvans Rock 19mAMike Dominey
Sunday28-Jul-24Ropes off 07:35Braedale 33mBTina Scott
Thursday01-Aug-24Ropes off 18:00Fleur de Lys 13mAMike Dominey
Saturday03-Aug-24TBDKimmeridgeCMike Dominey
Sunday04-Aug-24Ropes off 09:30Kyarra  30mAKen Burden
Wednesday07-Aug-24Ropes off 11:15Stone BargeALin Baldock
Thursday08-Aug-24Ropes off 18:00Tanks 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday10-Aug-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftPeveril Ledges 20mAAdrian King
Sunday11-Aug-24Ropes off 12:30Albion II  25mBTristan Oliver
Thursday15-Aug-24Ropes off 17:45Leny 17mAMike Dominey
Saturday17-Aug-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftMile markers 18mAMike Dominey
Sunday18-Aug-24Ropes off 07:35Baron Garioch 36mBRay Scott
Friday23-Aug-24 West BayTBCDave Telling
Saturday24-Aug-24 West Bay Dave Telling
Sunday25-Aug-24 West Bay Dave Telling
Monday26-Aug-24 West Bay Dave Telling
Saturday31-Aug-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftBallard Drift 12mAMike Dominey
Sunday01-Sep-24Ropes 08:35Firth Fisher 37mAIan Pyle
Saturday07-Sep-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftPatches 14m / DriftAMike Dominey
Sunday08-Sep-24Ropes off 11:15Aeolian Sky  30mCAdrian King
Thursday12-Sep-24Night DiveBournemouth Rocks 14mAMike Dominey
Saturday14-Sep-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftEvans Rock 19mAIan Pyle
Sunday15-Sep-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftDurley rocks 14mATina Scott
Saturday21-Sep-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftBallard Drift 12mAMike Dominey
Sunday22-Sep-24Ropes off 11:15SS Spyros 30mBMike Doswell
Saturday28-Sep-24Ropes off 09:00 for DriftFleur de Lys 13mAMike Doswell
Sunday29-Sep-24Ropes off 07:30Firth Fisher 37mAPaul Bluett
Saturday05-Oct-24Ropes off 10:36Excelsior-Pipe Wk 19mAKen Burden
Sunday06-Oct-24Ropes off 10:55Betsy Anna  24mATina Scott
Saturday12-Oct-24Ropes off 10:35Tanks 14mADave Telling
Sunday13-Oct-24Ropes off 11:35Kyarra  30mAPaul Bluett
Saturday19-Oct-24Ropes off 10:10Peveril Ledges 20mAMike Doswell
Sunday20-Oct-24Ropes off 10:50Carantan  30mAIan Pyle
Saturday26-Oct-24Ropes off 10:20Leny 17mAKen Burden
Sunday27-Oct-24Ropes off 10:15Venezuela 27mBDave Telling